Company History
The Masters Education was recently launched in South Africa although it was first established in 2000 with a longstanding reputation of professional student recruitment and complete academic counselling for studying in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, China and more. The headquarters are based in Taipei, Taiwan but is globally reachable with service bases located all over the world.
The Masters Education present parents and students with current information about studies offered globally and carefully select the most suitable option to ensure the best learning environment for each individual student.

The Masters Education mission
The Masters Education provides opportunities for students to have an international learning experiences that are academically challenging, professionally relevant, and personally engaging. This valuable experience are described to enhance our student’s view of life and to gain a global mind-set to approach the world and their future.

The Masters Education International Verification/Authorization Service
The Masters Education International verification status

  • Member of the Republic of China Study Abroad Service Business Association (ieca)
  • British Council Member (British Council)
  • Alphe Member
  • WEBA (World Educate Business Association) Member

The Masters Education International Authorized Agent

  • ELS Authorized Consultant
  • International Student Exchange Authorized Agent
  • The Masters Education is also an Authorized Service Agency for many well-known secondary schools, universities and language schools. Welcome to contact us!

The Masters Education International authorized examination service

  • iTEP Academic officially authorized test centre
  • iTEP SLATE officially authorized test centre
  • ELTiS officially authorized test centre
  • SLEP officially authorized test centre

The Masters Educations other authorized services

  • British Council IELTS Authorized Registration Centre
  • IDP IELTS authorized Registration Centre
  • for International Student ID

Service items
High School

  • High School Application
  • High School Exchange Student Application

University/Master’s/Doctorate Degree

  • Direct Application
  • Foundation/Pathway
  • Community College Application

Study Tour

  • Individual, Group or Corporate Study Tour
  • Summer/Winter course


  • Language
  • Hotel Management
  • Business Administration
  • Social Media
  • Arts
  • Fashion
  • Make-Up and more...!